Free Music for a limited time!

I am giving away free tracks on my website from So It Goes and the Trio EP for the simple bargain of an email address.

It's my aim to use this shiny new website to stay directly in touch with you, my fans, friends and supporters, instead of relying on unstable and limiting social media platforms, very especially Facebook (see Ari's Take on the subject, and these two well put together videos: The Problem With Facebook and Facebook Fraud).

An email address is the best way for me to stay in touch with the real, and very special people who connect with my music and believe in my musical dream. I have been focusing on making sure that my website is your NUMBER ONE choice for where to find up-to-date information, and have a direct link with me.

If you arrived here today because of my email to all of my list subscribers, WELCOME! This means that you are already a part of my Jazz Dream Team. Don't forget to collect your free download from the link provided in the email! Contact me at if you have any difficulties downloading it. If possible, please pass on the download link (CC me please) and a recommendation to any of your friends that you feel would also like my music, and I will send you another track for FREE! We can get the word out about my music by working together to get these songs into the ears of great listeners.